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28min 20sec

Project name: Estrogenolit. Clinical test code: 013/2015/CZ. Test subject: Sandra Studena, brunette, 27 y/o. Diagnosis: Dramatic libido decrease. Sandra is a top manager but her personal life came to a deadlock. Absolutely nothing arouses her! This is a piece of cake for our ground-breaking pill! Having tackled the formalities, she gulped down the pill of lust. She leaped on the doctor when he came to check her. She cherished his cock like the god of pleasure. How horny she was! She developed the strongest sex drive of all our test subjects! She reached the first orgasm within 30 seconds!!! And she squirted two times! She sucked every single drop of doctor’s thick hot cream! Estrogenolit turns every lady into a dirty slut!
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32min 05sec

Female ejaculation is impossible to control! It is one of the side effects of Estrogenolit. Do you want to take the risk? Klara Prochazkova volunteered to be a testing subject. She suffers from a problem she is embarrassed to speak about. She’s developing frigidity. She is losing interest in sex with both men and women. She loves her partner but has to fake arousal and orgasms. Total sexual decline and fall. Estrogenolit kicked in quickly and caused a total moral blackout. She couldn’t handle the tsunami of immediate sexual desire and grabbed the cock of Dr. Dlouhy! Just a little while! The monitoring doctor was forced to violate Hippocratic Oath against his will! Klara squired all around! It was the orgasmic ride of her life! Estrogenolit sets every cunt on fire! The effects are guaranteed!
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25min 38sec

Kristyna, a lovely young ginger head, wants to try Estrogenolit no matter what. She longs to experience its effects on her own pussy! Sexual life of this chick is flawless. All she needs is to have a good fuck! She gulped the magical pill down and turned red-hot within 15 minutes. This horny shameless chick started to frig her pussy right in front of the doctor. She readily thwarted all his escape attempts and pulled his white trousers down. The red-haired princess achieved excellent results in the clinical test! Kristyna reached multiple ecstatic orgasms and yelled like a police siren. She squirted twice! Dr. Dlouhy had to take a day-off to recover after this session! All women are crazy after this amazing pill!
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47min 43sec

A new era of fucking is starting! The effects of Estrogenolit are beyond any expectations! Another clinical test of the pill for women is outstanding. This revolutionary medication was tested on two subjects at the same time. Two sweet young babes, Rita and Kristyna. One of them has never reached an orgasm and the other one is too narrow and dry. The pill kicked in within 15 minutes. Dr. Dlouhy fell prey to them. Chicks used him as their sexual toy. This is an utterly shocking case of abuse of medical help! Sucking off, eating out, fucking and squirting! Two bad-ass chicks! Estrogenolit is like an A-bomb!
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33min 36sec

So beautiful and yet so cold! Saskia, 22, was an enormous challenge for our medicament. She suffers from the gravest form of asexuality we’ve ever attempted to treat. She has zero libido. A hopeless case for traditional medicine. A piece of cake for Estrogenolit! The attractive lady leaped upon Dr. Dlouhy like a mantis. Riding his cock, she erupted like a volcano!!! The sofa is drowning in her sweet love juices! And everything is recorded on camera. This is a once in the lifetime experience! I swear! Check out this episode!
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29min 27sec

Our accelerator of female sex drive has reached amazing achievements! It’s being tested on women!!! Our latest testing subject was set on fire by it! Her results are incredible! She reached the best results in the history of Estrogenolit testing! She suffers from the highest level of frigidity. 20 minutes after intake, the slender blonde was as horny as a bitch on heat! She squirted as soon as the cock slid in her lusty pussy! Fuck me, Doctor! Ivana inundated the sofa multiple times! Estrogenolit is about to eradicate frigidity for good!
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31min 11sec

I highly doubt that Sabina Pokorna, 18, has any medical issues at all. The sexually inexperienced girl is just curious. No wonder. The whole Europe is talking about Estrogenolit. Sensational news about miraculous frigidity treatment have spread like forest fire. Sabina can’t wait to test the pill. She provides a great opportunity to test effects of the medicament on a healthy young person. Things started to move in no time. Her libido levels have sky-rocketed! The beautiful young lady literally begged the doctor to screw her! She reached two blasting orgasms and squirted two times!!! Incredible! A ground-breaking invention!
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